Harescramble – Post Sandy update #1

Post Sandy update from our woods committee head:
The storm didn’t pack the punch in the Palmyra area that they forecasted. Overall, I see little wind damage and hardly any standing water. I will be heading up to the track tonight to look over the hare scramble course. I am confident that it will be in good shape. We planned ahead and designed the course around any low laying areas that would become a problem if it rained. We have a great group of guys who are working hard to make sure this years event is great. I will post pictures tonight to show current trail conditions.

It’s also worth noting that Palmyra had one of the smallest amounts of rain in the Rochester area from this storm.  We were in a very small (10-15 mile) area that got less than everywhere else.  Power stayed on all night, and there were few (if any) downed trees.  Our course will be ready to ride.

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