July meeting and August race help

Our next meeting is on July 31st, at 7pm, at the track.

We have some items that can be started this coming weekend, along with some reminders about track closures for race week.
This weekend, the following jobs can be started.  If you do any of these, please be sure to contact a board member for details.
• A flagger stand  needs to be re positioned to the first back double, or we need a new one built.
• Mowing and line trimming around the property.
• Rock picking in the grass around the pee wee track (the mower does not like rocks )
• Watering helpers for Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning.
• Help for the pee wee track.
For the race, we have the following labor needs.  You can sign up online or send us an email. Or you can sign up at the meeting.
• 9 Flaggers
•  a start gate helper
• Three track maintenance folks, including one who is able to work the Bobcat.
Finally, please remember that the main track closes for riding on Monday night after the meeting.  The practice track and woods are open until Friday.  Everything is closed Saturday and there is a work day.

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