Tree Trimming Early Workday

To All,
We are starting to ramp up for the season with the unbelievable weather conditions. There has been improvements going on up at the hill  and even a few of you have taken advantage of the weather and broke out the bikes! I know this weekend doesn’t look to motocrossy to some, but next weeks weather is looking good again.
With that I would like to get some volunteers together for next Saturday 2/18 starting @ 10:00 am to do some tree trimming. We have a few that have come down or partially down and need cleaning up. We  also opened up a larger area for pit parking and it needs some low limbs taken down as well. I am thinking maybe a dozen workers that can bring chain saws, pole saws, and clippers..maybe a rake or two. Figure this can be a great opportunity of some to gather a few early work day points and check out the ongoing projects. I know we have a few members in the tree service and it would be great if they could bring their expertise.
Please contact me by phone or email to let me know if you can make it.
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