Utility Vehicle Proposal

Palmyra Racing Association

Utility Vehicle Proposal

To better serve the needs of the Club on race day and non-sanctioned events, the following proposal serves to enhance the quality of our product.

*Any member(s) willing and able to provide a machine to be utilized for Club use from the Wednesday prior, to the Monday following Club events will be considered in lieu of the following proposal and potentially serve as a means to satisfy member dues and points requirements for the 2015 season.


– cost of club utility vehicle not to exceed $9000

– funds to finance the purchase of club utility vehicle to come from 2015 membership dues

Needs to be served by utility vehicle purchase:

– medical transport as needed on race days as emergency situations arise

– provide more expedient transportation to areas in need on race days

– maintain needs of the watering system (hoses, open/close valves, fuel)

– supervise the state of the facility and competition areas more efficiently

– assist in the clean-up of club facilities with regard to cones, hoses, refuse, and other items


Open discussion at Meeting before Hare Scramble October 27th 2014

Vote at General Membership Meeting.  November  17th 2014

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