Palmyra Racing Association Member Rules

  1. Ride at your own risk and never ride alone. Unsupervised riding is strictly prohibited.
  2. All riders under the age of 18 must always be supervised by an adult.
  3. No unauthorized riders and never share the gate code. Any non-member caught riding (even just one lap or in the pits) will result in the suspension of the accompanying members riding privileges.
  4. Riding on neighboring property is strictly prohibited. It is considered trespassing. Being responsible and courteous neighbors protects the longevity of the Club! Please be aware of the property boundaries and stay within the appropriate limits.
  5. Engine start time is no earlier than 9:00am. Saturdays and Sundays only, from October 15th – December 31st , engine start time is no earlier than 11:00am. General quiet hours are from 10:00pm – 9:00am daily.
  6. Ride and drive slowly in the spectator and pit areas, as well as the service roads and driveway. When driving, do not exceed 10 MPH. When riding in these areas, please remain in 1st gear, all wheels must remain on the ground, and roosting is strictly prohibited.
  7. Carry in – carry out policy is in place for trash.
  8. RV’s, tents, and trailers of any kind may only be left on the property for a maximum of 14 consecutive days at any given time. Hogback Hill is not an authorized storage facility or campground in the state of New York. PRA is not liable for the loss of, or damage to, any personal property.
  9. Your FRIENDLY dogs are welcome on the property. Dogs must always remain leashed and within your line of sight. Please do not leave your dog unattended and make sure to clean up after them. Please practice good judgment with this, for the safety of your pet and our members!
  10. The last person to leave the property each day is responsible for verifying that the buildings are secure and locking the entry gate.
  11. Members and guests must always act in a courteous and respectful manner and adhere to the Code of Conduct.
  12. HAVE FUN!

Palmyra Racing Association Track Rules

  1. Mandatory protective gear when riding includes a helmet, goggles, and boots. Recommended protective gear includes long sleeve shirts, pants, gloves, and chest protectors.
  2. Track direction and layout follows the last Empire State MX event layout, unless otherwise marked at the track entrance.
  3. Riders must perform a sight lap every time they ride to check track conditions.
  4. Be aware of hazards such as, but not limited to, holes, rocks, ruts, mud, slippery conditions, and tree limbs.
  5. SAFETY FIRST! Always ride within your individual capabilities and limits. It is each rider’s (and parents/guardians) responsibility to ride to the conditions on any given day. Irresponsible riding may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.
  6. Be mindful and conscientious of what is going on around you. Always practice basic track etiquette.  Our members’ experience levels vary greatly. Look both ways before entering the track, keep your movements predictable (hold your line, do not stop on the track), pass with caution, and do not cross jump.
  7. Practicing starts is allowed in the start area only. For safety reasons, practicing starts out of the start area and into the first turn is prohibited. Starts can only be practiced when no other riders are on the track and use of the start gates is strictly prohibited.
  8. No bike larger than 65cc’s is permitted to practice on Piggyback Hill (the 50cc track). The only exception is when a pit bike is being ridden by an adult that is directly supervising and teaching an accompanying 50cc-65cc or e-bike rider. **If at any time there are no 50cc-65cc riders utilizing Piggyback Hill, pit bikes may be ridden with the understanding that the 50cc-65cc riders have first rights to the track.
  9. All bikes must have an effective and suitable muffling device that efficiently deadens or muffles the noise of the exhaust. At no point shall the sound intensity exceed the noise control regulation standards defined by the AMA. For more information or questions regarding sound, please contact the Board of Directors.

Palmyra Racing Association Woods Rules

  1. The woods loop is a one directional trail that is marked with arrows. Please follow the arrows and stay on course. Never ride the marked trails backwards or ride a trail that is not marked.
  2. The loop will change periodically, so always take a slow lap to observe any changes they may have been made.
  3. Enter and exit the woods at the designated areas only. Signs are posted!
  4. Never change or alter the woods loop or the course markings unless approved by the Board of Directors, or under directions provided during a designated workday.
  5. Be courteous when approaching a slower rider and only pass when appropriate. Be aware of your surroundings!
  6. Studs/screws of any kind on tires is strictly prohibited.
  7. Please pay attention to the riding conditions and whether the woods loop is open or closed. We reserve the right to close the woods loop at any time. Certain weather conditions may make the loop unsafe to ride or might compromise the preservation of the trails.
  8. Have fun!

** All members are responsible for adhering to the rules. Members are also responsible for their guests’ understanding and adherence to the rules. Failure to comply will result in the suspension or termination of membership.