A great weekend for riding!

This weekend is great for riding!  If you are an old or new club member, come on out!  The thunderstorms that rattled pictures on walls all through Palmyra and brought heavy rain at about 3:30 am on Friday added tons of water to the track.  The sun yesterday dried it out, and the result is nice, tacky dirt with hardly any mud.  Almost unheard of for the middle of March.

The woods course is also in good condition, with a few “extra” logs to challenge you (thanks to “winter” storms).

Things were in great shape for the Thomas Addy MX School yesterday (thanks Tom!) as well as an outstanding new member orientation provided by Ed Johannes and Sheryl LaDelfa.  A few members who are not new were spotted listening in, and I would bet they learned a few things!

Judging from the parking lot yesterday, a lot of our members were already taking advantage of the great weather, as the parking lot looked more like a crowd for a Camp and Ride than St. Patrick’s Day!


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