First race and other news

Just a few updates from the front here:

Next Sunday, May 5th, is the first race of the season.  The weather for that day is supposed to be excellent so let’s hope it stays that way!

If you are a member, we have a few notes for you:

  • Our pre-race meeting will be held this coming Monday, April 30th, at 7pm at the track.
  • Online signup for race day job is now available.  Judging from the signups, several of you already know this and have been using it.  Thanks!
  • Post race (Monday, May 6th), local expert Thomas Addy will be holding a riding school.  Join Thomas at the track on Monday, May 6th (weather permitting) around 4:30-5 for a lesson on a very rough, race ridden track!  This is a no-cost class just for PRA members.  If you plan on attending, please send us a message letting us know!
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