Hurricane Sandy Update #2

Here’s an update from the head of our woods committee as of the evening of 10/30/12:

I took a complete tour around the hare scramble track tonight (10/30/12), and it is in even better shape than I was hoping for! There is a thin layer of of slick stuff on top in some areas as well as a few trees down, but overall the trail conditions are very good. Surprisingly enough, there are hardly any puddles on the course, and even the low areas that are generally susceptible to flooding are still in really good condition. Based on the current trail conditions and the weather forecast for this weekend, our racers are in for a real treat.

PRA’s woods team is doing a fantastic job and has the track all set up for this weekend’s race! The forecast for Sunday is 48 degrees and “plenty of sun”! It cannot get any better than that!

Also, please take a look at the photos of our course from the evening of 10/30.

This is the largest puddle on the course!

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