Palmyra Racing gives back to our community

The Christmas spirit took over on Sunday as some PRA members partnered up with MB60 Action Sports to do something nice in the Palmyra community. We wanted to donate a Christmas dinner to a family so we contacted management at Breen’s Market in Palmyra to see if they would let us set up shop inside their store. After a short time we found a family of five that looked to be a good candidate. As they approached the checkout line, member Eddie Johannes approached them and asked them if we could buy their cart full of food and they accepted. With the parents in tears and the kids jumping for joy, it was obviously a great moment. On top of that and while the family was shopping, we wrapped presents that were donated from Maddie’s Motorsports, Moto Option Clothing and Hogback Hill. The the family was overjoyed rolling out to their car with a load of groceries AND a load of presents. Merry Christmas!

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