Race review and camp and ride notes

Wow what an exciting and exhausting day out at the park. With the temperature peaking at about 92, and the racing getting very hot, I have to start out for thanking all those that helped the day go so smoothly. With a small electrical problem hampering our efforts first thing in the morning, we had a variety of assistance from members and visitors alike to get power to the tower and the rest rooms.. Again a very sincere thanks to all that assisted in this small dilemma. Through all the drama, we lost only 15 minutes and were extremely happy with the turnout on such a tropical day. Just an excellent demonstration of mx throughout the day on a very difficult track. The senior mini class, amateur class and novice class were just exciting. I would like to remind all members, that the Camp and Ride is approaching. Make sure to include the weekend of August 6th and 7th in your plans for the park. We have some fun ideas for the weekend, including a catered affair, a massive slip and slide, and a “custom” bonfire. Thank you again to all those involved with a great race day, from the flaggers, to the riders, to the track crews that made a dust track that hadn’t seen rain for a month, into a very rideable, enjoyable day. See you at the track!

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