WNYBaja Makes Landfall

The southern team of PRA members Kevin Piccola and Jay Sherman have made it to La Paz Mexico.  The nothern team of PRA members Gary Walker, Ryan Kaza and John Bosch have made it to Ensenada along with rider Dale Twardokus.

The team’s Honda CRF450X running number is 269X  and will join over 100 other motorcycles in the event.  We are the 90th bike to start at 30 second intervals.  Are target is make happy hour Friday night in LaPaz.

Gary Walker is the rider of record and he will be starting the race in Ensenada. Riding (in order) after that will be John Bosch, Dale Twardokus, Ryan Kaza, Kevin Piccola and Jay Sherman. 

 Special thanks to Brian Walker, Josh Morse and Scott Lesniak for piloting the chase crews.  

Everyone is invited to the post celebration Sunday-Wednesday November 20th at the RIU Santa Fe in Cabo San Lucas!  Tequila is on us!
You can follow the path of the WNYBaja team via our SPOT GPS tracker at:
Will be publish standard messaging on actual progress.
Live video feed and broadcast of the race radio chatter can be found at:

You can follow the team’s updates at: http://www.twitter.com/wnybaja or on Facebook.  Our page is “WNY Baja”  Go ahead and like us.

Two other great sites to monitor is the actual Score Racing page;


And  Race Dezert.      http://www.race-dezert.com/home/

Special thanks to family, friends and PRA for their support.   Along with  Dunlop for hooking us up with some special desert rubber, FLY Racing, MotoOption, Barefoot MX Racing, Bristol Core, Steve Mathewson’s Suspension Systems,  7S Cycle, Novik Gloves, Kali Helmets, DP Clutch & Brakes, Bristol Core, Victor Excavating and Scott Piccola for hooking us up with RF Harris Radios.  And an extra special thanks to the wives for letting us kids go out and play!


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